Produce Boxes

From: $20.00 / week for 6 weeks

We’ve reached the end of the box season

Thank you to everyone who supported our produce box program this season – it is much appreciated. We will resume boxes again in mid-November. Please stay tuned! 

Your spring box will include any or all of the following:

bananas, beetroot, broccoli, cabbage (green and red), carrots, cucumber, hakurei turnips, kale, lettuce, pak choi, potatoes, rocket, silverbeet, spring onion, sugar and snow peas, zucchini

Remember to add on your mesclun and herbs!

Interested in twice weekly boxes? Find out how to order


Omission 1 (optional)

We allow for two omissions per box. We will do our best to substitute with available produce

Omission 2 (optional)

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Larger boxes often have a greater variety of produce than the smaller ones. Size suggestions below are only guides; people all have such different eating habits!

(Currently Unavailable) Grazer $20 Produce Box: suits a single person or a couple supplementing their own garden produce

(Currently Unavailable) Muncher $40 Produce Box:  suits a couple or a single person who eats lots of veg

(Currently Unavailable) Feast $60 Produce Box: suits a household of around 4 adults

(Currently Unavailable) Banquet $90 Produce Box: suits a group of 4-6 adults 

(Currently Unavailable) Revel $120 Produce Box: Revel in all the produce! This box gets plenty of everything we grow including special things we may have in season that no one else gets!


What size?

Grazer $20 (Unavailable), Muncher $40 (Unavailable), Feast $60 (Unavailable)

How often?

Single Box, Weekly Tuesday, Weekly Friday

For how long?

One Time Only (Single Box), Ongoing, Two Weeks, Three Weeks, Four Weeks, Five Weeks, Six Weeks


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