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Our vegetable seedling varieties are chosen for their suitability to the season, growing conditions on Great Barrier Island, disease resistance and especially for their FLAVOUR! We have grown almost all the varieties here ourselves. 

We grow traditional, open-pollinated heirloom varieties as well as F1 hybrids (usually for their increased disease resistance and production), always from untreated seed and organic where possible. 

Seedling Delivery – Our seedlings will be delivered during the timeframe you choose below. We will be in touch to let you know when to expect your plants.

Bean, Bush, Top CropPunnet$4.50

Long green beans, very productive

beans seedlings
Bean, Runner, Shiny FardenlosaPunnet$4.50

Large, long, round, excellent flavour 

beans seedlings
Bean, Runner, VitalisPunnet$4.50

Large, long, stringless flat beans fabulous flavour very productive

beans seedlings
Beetroot, Ace F1Punnet$4.50

New! A more dependable hybrid variety, will replace Beetroot Detroit Dark Red 

beetroot seedlings
Broccoli, Summer GreenPunnet$4.50

Heat resistant, strong, compact 

broccoli seedlings
Broccoli, Tenderstems (F1)Punnet$4.50

Produces a small main head followed by multiple sprouts, eat stem and all

broccoli seedlings
Cabbage, Desert VantagePunnet$4.50

Large, dense green sweetly flavoured summer variety

leafy-greens seedlings
Chili Pepper, Cayenne Long Thin9cm pot$5.50

Long narrow red chili, spicy, super productive, tall plant

chili seedlings
Chili Pepper, Jalapeno Early9cm pot$5.50

Bullet shaped chili, ripens to red, fruity and with a good bite, excellent for sweet chili sauce

chili seedlings
Cucumber, Homemade Pickles9cm pot$3.50

Pickling cucumbers, vigorous grower, disease resistant

cucumber seedlings
Cucumber, Lebanese Medici9cm pot$3.50

Parthenocarpic variety with crisp texture, prolific vines

cucumber seedlings
Cucumber, Marketmore9cm pot$3.50

Standard short green cucumber

cucumber seedlings
Cucumber, Space Master9cm pot$3.50

A compact bush cucumber which sets lots of fruit and takes much less space, does not need trellising

cucumber seedlings
Cucumber, Tasty Queen (F1)9cm pot$3.50

Long Japanese-style green cucumber, pick young, super crisp, resistant to powdery mildew, needs warm conditions

cucumber seedlings
Eggplant, Asian Bride (F1)9cm pot$5.50

Long narrow purple Asian style eggplant, easier to grow for those with cooler sites

eggplant seedlings
Eggplant, Black Beauty9cm pot$5.50

Large glossy purple/black tear drop shaped

Eggplant, Early Prolific (F1)9cm pot$5.50

Japanese style tear drop shaped, early

eggplant seedlings
Eggplant, Ophelia (F1)9cm pot$5.50

Mini round black eggplant on compact plant, suited to growing in a pot.

eggplant seedlings
Eggplant, Thai Purple (F1)9cm pot$5.50

Prolific round purple mini eggplant used in curries and saucy dishes

eggplant seedlings
Kale, Cavolo NeroPunnet$4.50

Mineral packed green, long dark strappy leaves, perfect for kale chips

leafy-greens seedlings
Lettuce, Blood RedPunnet$4.50

A new leaf lettuce we are trialling, deep red

leafy-greens seedlings
Lettuce, CanastaPunnet$4.50

Fabulous bolt resistant red and green batavia, crisp leaves, medium to large

leafy-greens seedlings
Lettuce, CoastlinePunnet$4.50

Crunchy iceberg type leaves, but open habit (not heading), very resistant to bolting, excellent summer lettuce

leafy-greens seedlings
Lettuce, CocardePunnet$4.50

Red oak leaf with upward oak shaped leaves, red/green

leafy-greens seedlings
Lettuce, Drunken Woman Fringed HeadPunnet$4.50

Very large headed lettuce, loose green/red leaves, bolt resistant

leafy-greens seedlings
Lettuce, Little GemPunnet$4.50

Soft leaved small buttercrunch/cos type

leafy-greens seedlings
Lettuce, Multi Leaf GreenPunnet$4.50

Frilly green lettuce, harvest when mature or cut and come again

leafy-greens seedlings
Lettuce, Summer QueenPunnet$4.50

Large summer butter-crunch, delicious soft buttery leaves

leafy-greens seedlings
Lettuce, WildebeestPunnet$4.50

Spikey but tender green lettuce with dense head of leaves, cut and come again

leafy-greens seedlings
Mesclun MixPunnet$4.50

Break the plants up into clumps and plant out, cut and they will come again

leafy-greens seedlings
Pak Choy, Joi Choi (F1)Punnet$4.50

Fast growing large Pak Choy, bolt resistant but prefers the cool season, great sliced fine raw or stir-fried, protect from slugs and snails

leafy-greens seedlings
Rockmelon, Maverick (F1)9cm pot$4.00

Extremely delicious, sweet rock melon, productive, medium-large fruit, powdery mildew resistant. Needs space, sun, water and protection from rats!

melon seedlings
Silverbeet, ArgentataPunnet$4.50

Large glossy thick leaved with broad white midrib (a delicacy in itself)

leafy-greens seedlings
Silverbeet, PerpetualPunnet$4.50

Tender leaves with narrow mid-rib – often advertised as perpetual spinach, but is in fact a silver beet

leafy-greens seedlings
Spring Onion, IshikuraPunnet$4.50

Fast growing spring onion, good to tuck into little gaps in the garden, or plant between lettuces

onion seedlings
Squash/Pumpkin, Aspire9cm pot$4.00

Short-vined, productive Charentais type, very sweet and perfumed

seedlings squash-pumpkin
Squash/Pumpkin, Cupola aka Tahitian Squash9cm pot$4.00

Heirloom incredible squash, like an elongated curled butternut, sweet firm flesh, very productive, stores. Well known as Cupla by many locals. Protect from rats, needs space to ramble, resistant to powdery mildew

seedlings squash-pumpkin
Squash/Pumpkin, Tetsukabuto (F1)9cm pot$4.00

Large, hard skinned buttercup type 3-3.5kg each, very hard skin stores well, sweet dry flesh. Needs lots of room as it is a very vigorous plant and can set up to 12 fruit per plant. Harvest when skin on base turns orange. Protect from rats, resistant to powdery mildew

seedlings squash-pumpkin
Sweet Capsicum, Jingle Bells (F1)9cm pot$5.50

Mini peppers in a mix of colours, very sweet and productive, can be grown in a large pot, hybrid

capsicum seedlings
Sweet Capsicum, Mama Mia Giallia (F1)9cm pot$5.50

Long yellow pepper, very sweet and productive over a long period, tall plants – needs staking

capsicum seedlings
Sweet Capsicum, Marconi Red9cm pot$5.50

Long red pepper, very sweet and productive, tall plant

capsicum seedlings
Tomato Beefsteak, Delicious7cm pot, Large plant$4.00$9.00

Later and longer cropping than Marmande, large red rich flavoured, tall

*Large plants only available from Labour Weekend onwards* 

seedlings tomato
Tomato Cherry, Baxter’s Early Bush7cm pot, Large plant$4.00$9.00

Compact plants bearing very early red cherry tomatoes, even under adverse conditions. Suits tub

*Large plants only available from Labour Weekend onwards* 

seedlings tomato
Tomato Cherry, Gardener’s Delight7cm pot, Large plant$4.00$9.00

Abundant sweet juicy red larger cherry tom about 2 cm diameter, tall vigorous plant

*Large plants only available from Labour Weekend onwards* 

seedlings tomato
Tomato Cherry, Sweethearts (F1), Grape Hybrid7cm pot, Large plant$4.50$9.50

Red grape shape and size, very productive, crack resistant. Very similar to Juliette, which was wonderful but we can no longer source. Tall. Expensive seed, hence the high price. Sorry! 

*Large plants only available from Labour Weekend onwards*

seedlings tomato
Zucchini, Black Coral (F1)9cm pot$4.00

Dark green zucs, excellent, powdery mildew tolerant

seedlings zucchini
Zucchini, Rampicante9cm pot$3.50

A vigorous, scrambling plant that sends shoots off in all directions producing dozens of curling baby squash that can be harvested young or left to mature to a sweet pumpkin.Very cold tolerant and powdery mildew resistant.

seedlings zucchini
Zucchini, Ronde de Nice9cm pot$3.50

Produces round zucs, harvested at the size of an orange – delicious, delicate flavour

seedlings zucchini

Herbs have to be just about the easiest plants to grow and the great thing is that most of them are perennial. Here is a selection of herbs that do well on Aotea and will bring your meals to life!

Herb Plant Delivery – Our seedlings will be delivered during the timeframe you choose below. We will be in touch to let you know when to expect your plants.

Basil, Sacred – Plant7cm pot$3.00

A potentially perennial Asian style basil (aka Tulsi) protect from winter cold

Basil, Sweet Genovese – Plant7cm pot$2.50

Bushy large leaved basil, pinch out flowers to keep good flavour, allow old plants to flower for bees, warm spot

Basil, Thai – Plant7cm pot$3.00

Anise flavoured basil with purplish small leaves, and gorgeous spikes of purple flowers

Chives, Broad Leaved – Plant7cm pot (4 clumps)$4.00

Easiest cut and come gain perennial herb, multiplies as it grows, mulch well, water in summer

Chives, Garlic – Plant13cm pot$8.00

Sweet, pungent, garlic flavoured, broad leaved chives, known as Nira in Japan, used as garnish in salads and in stir fries, produces gorgeous edible white flowers late summer

Coriander – Plant6 cell punnet$4.50

Such a versatile herb, needs regular watering to prevent bolting, prefers cooler season but can be grown in summer with regular plantings

Dill – Plantpunnet$4.50

Classic herb to have with fish, also wonderful in a carrot risotto! When in flower, attracts parasitic wasps to help control bad bugs in the garden. Seeds are edible too!

Lemon Verbena – Plant15cm pot$12.00

Deciduous shrub with wonderful lemon scented leaves used for herb teas and sleep pillows 2m

Mint, Garden – Plant12cm pot$6.00

Fabulous herb so important in Mediterranean cuisine, will spread, prefers damp, cool conditions, cut stems down to base when harvesting, mulch in late spring while ground still damp

Mint, Spearmint – Plant12cm pot$6.00

The true spearmint flavour but this plant is naughty; it will even grow through kikiuyu!! Be warned!

Mint, Vietnamese – Plant9cm pot$6.00

Spreading perennial herb with unusual flavour, mix of chili and coriander/cilantro

Oregano, True Greek – Plant12cm pot$6.00

Spreading spicy pungent herb used in Italian tomato dishes, sun lover but will tolerate wet soil; perennial

Pineapple Sage – Plant12cm pot$12.00

With leaves that definitely smell of pineapple and edible long bright red tubular flowers, this is one our favourite plants, adding a bright splash of colour, loved by bees, and tolerant of drought.

Rosemary, Upright – Plant9cm pot, Large plant$6.00$9.00

Culinary upright variety, cut back regularly every 6 months to encourage fresh spikes, blue flowers, loved by bees

Sage, Culinary Silver Leaved – Plant9cm pot$6.00

Strong flavoured herb, used sparingly, great fried in butter as a garnish produces masses of purple flowers loved by bees, needs very well drained soil. Dislikes winter – do not harvest until new spring leaves appear. Perennial

Sweet Marjoram – Plant9cm pot$6.00

Caity’s favourite herb! Strongly fragrant herb, close relation of oregano but sweeter and more perfumed. Wonderful in tomato dishes. Leafy in cool season, flowers in heat; perennial

Thyme, Provencal9cm pot$6.00

Strong flavoured grey leaved culinary thyme, likes well-drained, sunny conditions

On offer is a range of gorgeous colourful flower seedlings, many from our own hand collected seed.  Not only do they feed the soul with their beauty, they also provide much-needed balance in the vegetable garden, supplying nectar and pollen for many useful insects that will pollinate crops as well as help control unwanted pests such as aphids and caterpillars!

Flower Seedling Delivery – Our flower seedlings will be delivered during the timeframe you choose below. We will be in touch to let you know when to expect your plants.

Coreopsis, SunrisePot$8.00

Perennial golden daisy smothered in blooms all summer long

Coreopsis, Tinctoriapunnet$4.50

This is a very free flowering tall wild flower with blooms of deep orange and yellow, as summery as you can get, plus it’s edible and great for the beneficials. And it’s a dye plant! Also known as tick seed. Annual, drought tolerant

Cosmos, Cosmic Orangepunnet$4.50

Vibrant orange daisy flowers that provide nectar to all the beneficials, plus add a gorgeous splash of summer to the garden, heat and drought tolerant, will self seed, 70 cm tall


Cosmos, White Gazebopunnet$4.50

White flowering Cosmos is very attractive to bees and other beneficial insects and is useful to break up patches of colour in the garden. Gets tall, to 1m, flowers for ages, drought tolerant. Annual.

Lily, Christmas Lilypot$8.00

Pure white highly scented blooms from around November through to January. Dampish spot, semishade to full sun. Plants will multiply over time, perennial. Known in Europe as the Easter lily (Lilium longiflorum)



Marigold French, Durango Flamepunnet$4.50

Mahogany flowers edged with gold

Marigold French, Naughty Mariettapunnet$4.50

Dwarf African marigold (Tagetes patula) with blotches of maroon radiating from the centre over the yellow petals, which are edible. Useful against nematodes, dwarf plant 30 cm, full sun

Marigold French, Starfire Mixedpunnet$4.50

Dwarf brightly coloured mix of single marigolds in zesty tones of yellow, reds and oranges (Tagetes tenuifolia), strong citrusy scent, edible, full sun

Marigold French, Tallpunnet$4.50

A mix of colours from bicolour to straight yellows and reds, useful against nematodes, tall, free flowering, drought tolerant

Petunia, Easy Wave Mixed (trailing)9cm pot$4.50

Outstanding, vigorous plants with masses of 5-7cm blooms along it’s cascading branches 

Petunia, Shock Wave Denim (trailing)9cm pot$4.50

Lush, mounded, full plants are covered in hundreds of small cool- blue flowers, good in containers and in areas they can spread.

Phacelia, Lacypunnet$4.50

Tall, lavender blue flowers, excellent for attracting beneficial insects to the garden

Scabiosa, Black Knightpunnet$4.50

Old fashioned pin cushion flower, super attractive dark purple/black flowers, tall, great cut flower, 90 cm

Scabiosa, Oxford Bluepunnet$4.50

Pincushion flower in delightful shade of blue, 60 cm

Sunflowers6 cell punnet$4.50

Gorgeous, tall sunflower with large golden flower heads that follow the sun, loved by bumblebees, deep roots great for breaking up soil pans and woody stalks make a great high carbon addition to the compost heap

Tagetes Marigoldpunnet$4.50

My own hand-collected tall growing marigolds in mix of bi-colour and plain yellow or orange, 60cm, need sun

Viscaria, Occulant Mixed – Plantpunnet$4.50

Very pretty cottage garden flowers, great grown en masse, shades of pink, mauve and blue

We have increased the range of our popular herb and vegetable tubs – instant mini gardens of mature herbs, tomatoes, chili and lettuce – making it easier for visitors to be able to pick their own!

Pre-ordering preferred! We will have some on hand, but if you could order these well in advance that would be much appreciated

Mini Garden Tub Delivery – Our tubs will be delivered during the timeframe you choose below. We will be in touch to let you know when to expect them!

Tub Return Refund – You will receive a $5 refund for all tubs returned to Okiwi Passion!

Herb Tub, Asian Mix13L tub$40.00

Thai basil, garlic chives, coriander, shiso, chives, mint – ready to harvest!

$5 refund for tub return

herb tubs
Herb Tub, Basil13L tub$40.00

A full, big pot of basil plants ready to harvest, will produce for many weeks on end

$5 refund for tub return

herb tubs
Herb Tub, Coriander13L tub$40.00

A full, big pot of coriander ready to harvest, will produce for 3-4 weeks

$5 refund for tub return

herb tubs
Herb Tub, Mediterranean Mix13L tub$40.00

Thyme, oregano, basil, and sweet marjoram – ready to snip away!

$5 refund for tub return

herb tubs
Lettuce Tub, Leafy Mix9L bowl$25.00

Mix of leafy cut and come again green and red lettuces ready to harvest will produce for several weeks

$5 refund for tub return

greens tubs
Tomato Tub, Red Cherry13L tub$40.00

Tumbling red cherry tomato

$5 refund for tub return

tomato tubs
Tomato Tub, Yellow Cherry13L tub$40.00

Tumbling yellow cherry tomato

$5 refund for tub return

tomato tubs

Garden Supplies Delivery – Our garden supplies will be delivered on the date and location you choose at checkout.